Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Where ya goin?"

Hey family and friends!!! 

As we went to visit a potential, we knocked on  their door 3 or 4 times cause we knew they were inside! They even looked out their windows! lol! As we were walking back to our car, a white car zooms up and stops in front of the house and blares on the horn. A woman (the potential) runs out of the house as if something was nipping at her feet! lol! Her dad or grandpa yells out the door "Where ya goin?!" and she yells back "I'm running from the latter days!" He looks confuse and says "the ladder folk?" As she speeds off in the car. LOL! That was HILARIOUS!!! Glad to know we made an impression on her. ;) Think about it for a minute. Where are you going? Where is your life taking you? Are you running away from something good or are you running towards it? 

This past week was full of service! I love doing service cause it truly softens people's hearts! Miracles come from it!! :D On Tuesday we went and cut grass Jim and Janeans. Sister Schmidt and I were pretty excited to drive the riding lawn mower! lol! We cut 3 of their 4 acres and it look a long time! But it was worth it! Whoever wasn't mowing was talking with Jim and Janean. Jim opened up a lot more to us! But the best was on Saturday! Us and the Elders went over to do some hard labor! Jim had to jobs he needed done that he couldn't do by himself (he is sick with COPD). He needed his house to be power washed and also to till the dog pen, under the dog houses to make it even. He assigned the Elders to do the power washing cause he would rather they fall off the wet ladder than us. lol. So we were given the dirty job! It was a lot of fun and good work! Plus we got to work along side Jim and talk with him! He thanked us so much and he felt our Saviors love for him through us! He is such a great guy, just a little stubborn! We just love him SO much!!! We know that Janean coming back to the church is helping him. She is doing so awesome! She has been tempted too buy nicotine pills but has stopped herself because Heavenly Father givers her the strength to! Jim is very proud of her too! :) She is excited to go to the Temple! After our service she had made us all dinner, at the table Jim was opening up so much! Miracles happen every day! :) 

We have also been doing service for Miss. Janie, Peggy and Becca. A part member family. They have a beautiful old huge house. We are helping them clean the inside to get ready for Becca's baby shower! Miss. Janie accepted a BOM! I've been visiting them the entire time I've been in Cochran and this is a BIG step for her! woot woot! We will be going again this week to help out! Miss. Janie loves us! I love when they love you back! :) 

We went and saw Bethany with he plans to teach her the word of wisdom, but when we were saying a prayer in the car before we went inside we both received the prompting that we shouldn't teach her WOW. With a minute before our lesson we were not sure what would happen and then it came to us! Read the BOM with her and read Sis Willie's favorite chapter! wow! That was incredible! I love being lead and guided by the spirit! It turned out to be one of the best lessons we have had with her! We read Alma 7. We asked her how she felt about baptism, she says she is open to it but is not ready! WOHOO! Big step! She is doing pretty well, but she wasn't at church yesterday. :( 

But you know who was at church yesterday?! Gabi! She is 13 and has been meeting with Elders for over a year now! They and the ward have been at a lost of how to help her. She comes to church almost every Sunday and she even went to girls camp! They asked us to go visit her and see if we can help her along and understand baptism. So we did and it was a great lesson! She wants to be baptized! The Elders and  our ward mission leader went over a few days after us to talk with her and her dad. She is gonna be baptized October 11th! I love working in unity with the Elders and the ward! Thats how miracles happen! :)

Hope y'all are doing well! Keep smiling and showing how much this gospel brings you joy! Because a full joy only comes through Jesus Christ and following Him! (Alma 26:30) I love y'all! 

~ Sister Tara Willie
 We mowed all this and more! (that's my comp being silly!)

 This is Mr. Jim! He was showing off his poncho he got for his B-day! :)

The Elders were so kind in leaving us a friend.... SICK! lol

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