Monday, September 8, 2014

You think we believe WHAT?!?!?!?

Hey Y'all! 

Last week was very successful! Interviews, exchanges, lots of lessons and driving! I went on exchanges with Sister Ellison! I just LOVE her!!!! We have become best friends these past 2 transfers of being in the same district! She is from Post Falls Idaho and we are totally gonna be buddies after the mish! :D 

We had a great lesson with Cyrus on the Law of Chasity! Brother and Sister Ashcroft were there to help "smooth" it out. This will probably be his biggest challenge to face, but I know he can do this! Cyrus looks up to Bro. Ashcroft a lot because they are both in the army and Bro. A is pretty legit and high up. It was a blessing to have him there to give Cyrus encouragement and words of advice! 

Janean is doing great! I am so impressed with her! When we visited her last week she told us that she had decided to totally give up coffee and the nicotine pills! It is hard but she is strong! Sister Schmidt and I have decided to add our strength to hers by giving up something as well... so I am having no more dessert. And you know what, its hard! lol! I even had a dream last night that peeps were trying to force me to eat their dessert and I was not happy! lol! ;) 

We are teaching this way prepared lady named Tori! I have never seen someone jump up and down and get excited when we give them a BOM! It was awesome! She is so excited to read it! woot woot! She already feels that the things we are telling her are true and she wants to come to church! She just needs to take off a Sunday and she said she will do that! She told us that her Mamma told her that if there is any true religion out there it has to be the Jews or the Mormons. Lol But she doesn't really know why her mamma told her that so long ago.  She is a joy to teach! 

We had this super crazy bible bashing/anti-Mormon lesson. It was terrible! This (what we thought) sweet old couple asked us to come over and once we had been there for like 5ish minutes the husband pulled out this prepared lesson for us so he could tell us all that was wrong with our church! OMG! I was staring at him in disbelief, wondering where he was getting all of this nonsense about our church! I did not want to bash, but I did speak when I felt the spirit prompt me too. I totally owned him too! haha! (that's right I have the spirit!) And because I am super proud of that moment I have to share! lol! So he was saying something about how he knows Joseph Smith and Brigham Young weren't prophets cause he has a list of all of their prophecies and some of them haven't come true, so that makes them false. (And right before he talks about this he quoted Isaiah.) Well the spirit brought things to my remembrance that I had studied the day before! I said so you believe that Isaiah prophesied the birth of Jesus Christ correct? He agreed and then I said well Isaiah lived 700 years before Christ was even born! It took 700 years for that prophecy to be full filled!  Joseph Smith and Brigham Young didn't put dates on their prophecies, just like Isaiah. So that means there is time for them to be full filled. Hen them started sputtering and couldn't make a complete sentence, he just changes topic! haha! Boo-ya! (ok I will know humble myself....) hehe :) This couple was very rude (they are not from the south!) and they really have hard hearts, Its so sad. We bore our testimonies and left them. Hopefully one day their hearts will soften enough to listen to the truth.

After that lesson we were drained but Heavenly Father gave us such a tender mercy! We went and taught Jennifer, the 50ish year old lady in the nursing home. We had such a beautiful and spiritual lesson with her! She excepted to be baptized and has a date! wahoo! I just love the spirit and how much our Heavenly Father is aware of all of us! He cares for all of us individually and knows of all of our smallest needs and desires. We are all children of God! 

I hope y'all are having a fabulous week! Keep smiling and showing love for everyone! Remember we are nothing without Charity! (Moroni 7:46) I love y'all! XOXOXO

~ Sister Tara Willie

 With Becca! She painted this beautiful painting for me cause she knows how much I love the moon, the ocean and old fashion ships! She is so sweet! :)

 At lunch with most of my district!

Thats right!!! :D

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